Statistics and data for waste management

The statistics are for the US overall between 1960 and 2008.

The statistics above show that there are increase in people helping to reduce waste with recycling. It is a huge difference comparing 2008 and 1960 with an increase of 77.3 million tons worth of difference.

In 2008, the recycling rate of the products for auto batteries and paper are relatively efficient compared to glass containers and plastic bottles.

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Advantages and disadvantages of reducing waste


-Conserves natural resources

-Can save money in the long term


-If recycling centres reached its limit of garbage. They get sent to waste

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What we can do to help

Everyone can help reduce waste. When buying things try to bring a reusable bag instead of relying on plastic bags. When there are products with bulky containers, try and reuse them and when finished, you can just recycle them or be creative and make something useful out of it. Using both sides of the paper when printing and writing ntoes saves paper. These are just a few ways we can do to help reduce waste.

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Consequences of not reducing waste

There are consequences if we don’t reduce waste. There’s problems like chemicals leaking from the waste of certain things that can go into our water supply. Land fills are filling up fast and there are less space to fill waste on earth. There are also less natural resources if we keep throwing waste and not reusing or recycle. Waste is also reaching into the seas, which is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, where garbage are accumilating in the pacific ocean.

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Issues of not reducing waste

Waste, is one of the problems we’re facing with on earth. There are many landfills that are used up because we don’t recycle and reuse, because we don’t do these, there are more waste going into landfills where they can be reused and recycled. Many waste has chemical substances that can leak and eventually will reach to water sources and it can affect our health. Us, teens usually try and buy electronics that are more newer in the market, there’s a┬álot of packaging that goes with it and what do we do with it? We throw it away… We can help by reusing it or by recycling it.

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